Can You Really Trust Unlicensed Transportation Services?

At Expedient Limo, we’ve made a point of ensuring that all of our drivers are as highly qualified and experienced as they are officially licensed. But even with the amount of effort that we put into our services, we’re sorry to say that we can’t say the same about other transportation agencies. Not only are […]

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The Best Way to Hire Our Limo Services

Here at Expedient Limousines, we specialize in one thing above all else and that’s providing stylish travel. Our limos have been at the forefront of travel for years now, and as we cater to parties, celebrations, funerals, special events, commercial gatherings, board meetings, and more – you can rely on our knowledge and expertise whenever you need to travel in luxury. But one of the things that we’re commonly asked is the best way to book our services in the first place. We offer an actively monitored email address for those of you that would like to make inquiries, as well as a phone number that you can reach us on – but before booking our services, we have a little more information for you to help to make the process much easier for yourself. Choosing the right vehicle You might not know this if you haven’t hired one of our drivers before, but we actually offer a variety of vehicles to choose from. There’s a reason our fleet of limos have become one of the most reliable in Houston, and that’s because we make a point of offering a great selection of vehicles. If you want to get in touch with us to book our transport services, then doesn’t it make more sense to learn a bit more about the type of vehicle that you can hire? So, without further ado, here’s a look at the 6 (yes 6!) vehicle options that we are proud to offer within our fleet – each of which can be booked in advance, and can take care of all of your luxury transportation needs. The Lincoln Town Car Although not technically a limo, this vehicle is a stunning sedan that offers a variety of features to help you to keep cool if you’re planning on travelling to the Houston Museum District this summer. The Chevy Suburban This iconic vehicle is almost instantly recognizable due to its unique bullet shape and sturdy structure – and our one offers surround sound, leather seating and even DVD entertainment features. The Chevy Passenger If you’re in need of a vehicle that can transport a group of people without sacrificing on the style, then our Chevy Passenger may be ideal for your needs. 6-12 Seat Limousine Our most popular vehicle is by far our 6-12 seat limo, complete with TV and DVD entertainment features, a stocked bar and complimentary soda, water and ice. Our Stretch Hummer If you have a party, a celebration or any type of special event that you’d like to attend in style then our stretch hummer is just about as stylish as it gets. Furthermore, it can seat up to 20 people. Our Passenger Bus If you have a group of up to 25 people and want to take advantage of a spacious vehicle for a lengthy road trip, then our passenger bus is ideal for trips to concerts, casinos, or anything in between! Hire Our Limo Services Today! Call Expedient Limo To Book Your Limo Rental Today […]

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Travelling Around Houston in Style

What is it that makes our limousines so popular? There’s a stigma surrounding the use of limos. Most are best suited for the rich and famous, while others are ideal for making a special event that little bit more enjoyable. But our Houston limos in particular are especially popular with people from a range of lifestyles and backgrounds. If we’re honest, we’d like to think that it has something to do with the look and feel of our fleet. Every single vehicle is frequently washed and maintained inside and out, making them ideal for hosting professional events as well as providing a unique way to travel for parties and celebrations. Our drivers are also fully licensed and very experienced – with each of them being trained in the art of customer service and priding themselves on their knowledge and expertise. We know Houston pretty well, in fact we’d safely say that we have such a grasp of the area that we’d be able to get you to anywhere you need to be with minimal fuss and plenty of luxury. This might be one of the reasons why our vehicles are hired for hen parties and stag nights – because not only can we make sure that you get to the best bars in town; we can even wait for you to all but guarantee that you and your party-goers get home safely. Houston, we have a problem. Those famous words are now uttered by thousands of people around the globe – but if you live in Houston, or if you’re just passing through, then we’re pretty sure that they aren’t words that you want to hear. That’s why here at Expedient Limousines, we strive to offer the types of transportation services that will allow you to travel in style, whilst reassuring you that there’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t matter if you need one of our fleet of limos for a quick trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, if you’re planning a trip to the Space Center, or if you have a board meeting to attend and you’re keen to make a good impression; we’ll take care of the transport, so that you can focus on getting to where you need to be. Choosing from our fleet of vehicles Speaking of our limos, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer no less than 6 individual car models. You can learn more about them by visiting, but to give you an idea of just how varied they are, we have the Lincoln Town limo, the Chevy Suburban, a Chevy Passenger van, 6-12 capacity limos, a 25-seat passenger bus and a stretch hummer. Each can be booked at a time and date that suits you – and they are available for parties, special events, weddings, funerals, commercial needs, pick-ups and drop offs and much, much more. Find A Limo Service In Houston Call Expedient Limo To Book Your Limo Rental Today Affordable Rates – Call Now: (832) 292-7522 Visit Us At: […]

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Understanding What Makes A Good Limo Service

Limos can make a special event even more special. If you have a teenager visiting a big city alone for the first time, it might make for a better and safer trip if they have an exclusive limo driver rather than using a taxi or public transportation. Business clients can be made to feel special by having them pickup at the airport by a professional driver. These are just some of the reason you might want to contract a limousine service. Once you have decided to do so the next step is choosing one. Here we will discuss what makes a good limo service. Start By Checking Their Fleet It might not occur to you, but there are many different options for limos that would be suitable for different occasions. If this is a limo for a teenager or young adult visiting a big city for the first time, they may not want or need a stretch limo. A town car might be perfect for them. If this is an important client for your business, then a stretch limo might be a nice touch. Very often when you are competing for a client it is the attention to detail that will set you apart from the competition. A stretch limo might be that special touch. Then there is the party bus. This is often reserved for a special occasion. For some occasions, the party bus is the special event. First, decide what you need and make sure the limo service you are considering has it available. Look Up Reviews Most services have a website online and it is easy to see the reviews and read what others think of their experience. If it is a large company that has been around for a long time, don’t be surprised if they have some bad reviews. No one can please everyone. But if the bad reviews far outnumber the good ones then keep looking. Make Sure They And Their Drivers Are Properly Licensed And Insured It is important that you use a reputable service. If it is, then the business and drivers will be fully licensed and insured. Most of us don’t want to think about accidents or injuries, but knowing the business is fully insured will give you the piece of mind that should something happen, you are covered. Understand The Cost Make sure that you have a signed contract that spells out the cost and any additional charges that might be incurred. Nothing is worse than have a wonderful experience and then getting a bill that is far more than you anticipated. Safety Matters The last thing most of us think of when we are trying to reserve a limo is safety. But it is vitally important to ensure you have a good experience. Are their chauffeurs trained professionally? Are their vehicles fully inspected and approved? Does the company have fairly new and well-maintained vehicles? Using a limo can really add to any special occasion. There are usually a range […]

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Best Limo Service Near Me

Limos are all about luxury so you can sit back and relax while going from place to place. If the goal is to enjoy the trip and make the most of it, you will want to find the best limo service in town. For those who are wondering “Where is the best limo service near me?”, you are going to want to put this option at the top of your list. This is the ultimate limo service and the one you have been hoping for when it comes to traveling in the city. Here are the perks of this limo service and what it has to offer. Luxury Limos The main requirement while traveling in a limo is to receive world-class service with luxury being the focus. Who wants to sit in a limo that doesn’t provide this sort of atmosphere? Being in a limo is all about those little details that come together to make you happy. The luxury that is on offer will win you over and is going to be a major reason for why you enjoy heading down this path in the first place. The right limo service is going to have a world-class vehicle ready to go for your needs. Trained Drivers What about the driver who is going to come to pick you up? This is one of the biggest connections you are going to have to the business so ensuring the results are as necessary will be essential. You are going to adore the right driver because they’re trained to do the job and will take care of your needs. They are not going to be brash which is always an important point to consider. Everything is going to be done with passion and attention to detail, so you can have a safe ride from place to place. Timely Service Do you want to be waiting around for the limo to arrive? No one does, and that is why you want to choose those who are alert and will be timely from the get-go. They are not going to ruin your time nor are they going to push you into a corner when it comes to your schedule. Your time is going to mean everything to them as that is the biggest part of their service. Time management is never a concern with our limo service on your side For those who are inquiring about the “best limo service near me,” you are only going to want to choose those who are ready to go and will have all of these qualities on offer. If not, you are never going to enjoy the limo process, and that is the last thing you require. Focus on a solution that is pertinent because it is going to make you happy in the long-term. This is the power of a great limo service and the value it is going to add to your day-to-day life when you are looking to arrive at your destination on time.   […]

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